Quality Policy

O’Keeffe Electrical strives to enhance its already high quality service by a process of monitoring, evaluation and improvement. This benefits both the client and company alike, and also verifies the Company’s Management System by independent assessment.

Quality Management Systems and their philosophies are outlined in this document, and are detailed in the Company Procedures. It is the Company’s intention to maintain its policy of continued service development and improvement in order to maintain our position as market leaders in our fields. 

Secure training will strive for constant improvement to the Quality Policy, for the mutual benefit of its Customers, Suppliers and Employees.

As part of Company’s philosophy of continual improvement, the Directors review any quality objectives that have been set, and where appropriate, establish revised or new objectives at the regular Management Reviews of the Quality System.

Corrective and Preventive Action. Control of Non-conforming Product

Secure check operates procedures to control correction action to ensure:
  1. Errors are recorded
  2. Causes are investigated
  3. Improvement to System
  4. System Breakdowns are rectified
  5. Analysis of Corrective Action
  6. Preventive action is undertaken
  7. Record & investigate complaints

Quality Records

Secure Check maintains quality records to ensure:

  1. History of traceability of Applicant
  2. Compliance with specifications
  3. Identification of Quality Records
  4. Test results recorded.

Internal Audits

Secure Check carry out internal audits on all elements of the Quality System. These audits are carried out by the Quality Coordinator or a trained auditor, to ensure:

  1. Compliance with Procedures
  2. Effectiveness of Quality System
  3. Correction actions are implemented

Training & Safety

Secure Check record experience, training and skills of company personnel, to ensure:

  1. New personnel are assessed
  2. Training requirements are identified and updated
  3. Additional training is organised when the need arises

Management Review

Management Reviews to ensure that the quality system is operating effectively. Reviews are carried out at least once a year:

The purpose of these reviews is to:
  • Ensure the effective maintenance of the system
  • Ensure the adequacy and effectiveness of the system
  • Identify and determine the impact of changes to Customer, Legislative, Regulatory and Statutory Requirements and Company Policy.
  • Review the progress in meeting Quality Management Objectiveness and where agreed, define new or revised objectives.
  • Agree and appoint further actions to address problems and to maintain continual improvement.
  • Review the resources required by the Company